"The word Suavecita means smooth, graceful, feminine. Suavecita alludes to spirit and elegance of the brown woman. As a young girl, I would often hear the song “Suavecito” by Malo playing from my father’s record player, or from lowriders cruising down Mission Street. The clave of the congos, the trumpet’s blare, and the soulful voice of Richard Bean became an anthem for my heritage and roots as a young, brown woman in the Mission. Suavecita is a spirit that manifests in my creation process; everything I create, lo hago suavecita."

- Alyssa Aviles

Suavecita Press is a women's printmaking collective based in San Francisco, CA. In this collective, women are invited to learn and collaborate as printmakers. The art of printmaking has fueled many social justice and civil rights movements; its potential to be both beautiful and political has ignited revolutions. Suavecita Press provides a sacred space for women to learn this powerful art form. We encourage women to address their culture, politics, heritage, lifestyle, traumas and spirituality in their art.

Suavecita Press operates out of the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, in the historic Mission Grafica printshop. The printshops’ deep roots in the Chicano civil rights movement invoke an inspiring and vibrant energy.  Suavecita Press was began by Alyssa Aviles, a Xicana printmaker whose personal experiences as a WOC artist have inspired the creation of a sacred space and community. Suavecita Press  aims to educate and inspire, and is inviting to all women and gender fluid individuals. We offer classes, workshops, commission services and a variety of handmade products.